Registered Massage Therapy – Sports Therapy in Thornhill

Registered massage therapist are regulated healthcare professionals that are governed by the Ontario College of Massage Therapist. They receive extensive training in anatomy, physiology, biology and a variety of hands on techniques that specialize in relaxing the joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Such techniques are designed to promote relaxation,circulation, healing, at the same time diminishes pain and stresses of the body. A benefit of having a massage session at Physiocore is our massage therapist are in continual communication with the Chiropractic Doctors and Physiotherapist, which can further help you meet your healthcare needs.

Feel free to speak to our massage therapists in regards to your specific issue. We are always happy to speak with you to address any questions or concerns! Call us at 905-882-1908 or visit our Thornhill location today.