Chiropractic Therapy

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The word ‘chiropractic’ is a combination of the Greek terms cheir (hand) and praxis (practice). Hence it describes a form of treatment performed by hand – one that focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic therapy is based on the premise that the relationship between the structure and function of the human body affects health and overall wellbeing.

It has been estimated that 2.7 million patients in Ontario alone depend on chiropractic therapy every year to help them live active and healthy lives. At PhysioCore , we use chiropractic therapy to help in the treatment of sports-related and non-sports related pain and dysfunction. We also provide symptomatic relief for patients afflicted with chronic disorders.

What is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is a specialist in the manual adjustment of bones and joints, specifically the vertebrae of the spine. He/she has studied extensively for four years at a duly accredited chiropractic institution, receiving over 4,000 hours of specialized training. After completion of such rigorous training, a chiropractor in Thornhill acquires the skills needed to develop a comprehensive treatment plan and recommend therapeutic exercises as well as other non-invasive therapies.

What Conditions Can Chiropractic Therapy Help With?

By receiving chiropractic therapy Thornhill you can expect to alleviate the following:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle tightness/pain
  • Acute/Chronic Tendonitis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Nerve entrapments
  • Work and sports injuries
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Postural strain/muscular imbalances
  • Repetitive strain injury – (e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis/golfer’s elbow)
  • Whiplash and other MVA-related disorders
  • Tension or limited range of motion in the back, neck, shoulderor limbs
  • Co-existing medical disorders that involve myofascial tissue,neural tissue, ligaments, and tendons

Chiropractor Thornhill

Different Chiropractic Techniques

There are a number of different techniques used in the chiropractic profession. However, the manner in which individual practitioners go about administering treatment varies widely. At PhysioCore, we predominantly use the diversified technique which is also used by 95.9% of chiropractors worldwide. It holds the distinction as the only spinal manipulation technique taught in Canadian chiropractic programs. It is meant to restore proper alignment and movement of the spine. It involves very precise, short-lever, hands-on thrusts with specific contact points on the spine.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

During your first visit, a chiropractor Thornhill will perform a detailed assessment in order to obtain all relevant information about you and the health issue that you’re dealing with. We will review your medical history, conduct physical examinations and request X-rays and laboratory analyses, if needed. We will also pay close attention to your lifestyle and how it affects your medical condition. This will include the types of food you eat, how often you exercise, what triggers your stress, and how you cope with it. Based on our initial assessment, a diagnosis will be made and we will come up with a personalized chiropractic treatment plan that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic Therapy

Does chiropractic treatment require a doctor’s referral?

A referral is not usually required to see a licensed chiropractor; however,some insurers and extended health care plans may require a referral so you can get covered. Check your policy to confirm if you need one in order to be reimbursed for treatment.

Is chiropractic treatment safe for pregnant women?

There are no documented contraindications to chiropractic therapy throughout the course of pregnancy. Practitioners are trained to treat and care for pregnant women. Moreover, a lot of expectant mothers seek the services of chiropractors to help relieve pain in the back and pelvis; help manage the symptoms of nausea; and help maintain a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy.

Is chiropractic treatment appropriate for children?

Children will definitely benefit from chiropractic care. Kids are physically active and they often experience blows and falls while playing or when participating in sports. The injuries they incur may cause different symptoms like back and neck pain, stiffness, soreness or discomfort. Chiropractic therapy is always personalized to each patient. It’s a highly skilled form of treatment, and in the case of children, it is very gentle.

The PhysioCore Commitment

Our staff is dedicated to customizing a treatment and recovery plan especially for you. This may include all or some of our services. Rest assured that we will exert all means possible to help you recover and teach you how to deal with your ailments when you are not in our clinic. Moreover, we will educate you on how to prevent reoccurrence of your injury so together we can achieve maximum restoration of strength, flexibility and endurance.

If you have any questions about chiropractic treatment Thornhill, or wish to know if it’s right for you, please contact us at 905-882-1908. We look forward to helping you alleviate your pain and get you in tip-top shape as soon as possible!