Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Being in a motor vehicle accident can be a frightening and nerve wrecking experience physically and mentally. Many people are unaware of the steps when looking for rehabilitative care and are often further stressed with the paper work that comes a long with it. At Physiocore we specialize in MVA care from start to finish. We have staff trained in how to deal with the overwhelming paper work, and more importantly promote healing after injuries sustained from a motor vehicle accident.

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Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)

Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic Collision

Being in a motor vehicle accident can be a frightening and nerve-wracking experience, both physically and mentally. A lot of people are unaware of the steps when looking for rehabilitative care and are often further stressed with the paperwork that comes along with it.

At Physiocore, we specialize in MVA care from start to finish. We have staff trained to deal with the overwhelming paperwork, and more importantly, promote healing after injuries sustained from the accident.

Common Symptoms to Look for Following a MVA

When you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, the first thing to do is to seek consultation from a physician or another health practitioner (such as a chiropractor or physiotherapist) in order to identify the injuries you may be dealing with.

In most cases, the injuries are distinct and readily identifiable. One of the exceptions is a whiplash as it may not immediately manifest symptoms. This is the reason why you must be aware of the more common signs. If you start having headaches or migraine, it is likely that you’ve been injured from the accident and require treatment. Other symptoms to look out for include fatigue, dizziness, tingling sensations, and persistent pain in the shoulders, head, neck, or back.

Each of these is indicative of a more serious problem and may lead to additional injuries if not properly addressed. If any of the aforementioned symptoms last for more than a week, it is imperative that you consider motor vehicle accident therapy.

Here Are Some of the MVA Injuries That We Treat:

  • Whiplash
  • Concussions
  • Fractures
  • Low Back Pain
  • Muscle and Ligament Sprains/Strains
  • Muscle Tears and Tendinitis
  • Headaches/Migraine
  • Post-Op/Post-Cast Rehab

At PhysioCore, the services that we offer are extensive, which includes physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and more. These services will help treat the injury that you’re suffering from so you can avoid possible surgery and get your body back to normal as soon as possible.

The motor vehicle accident rehabilitation that we administer is guaranteed safe and intended to alleviate the symptoms that you’re experiencing without the need to resort to more painful and stressful treatments that you may undergo at a hospital or physician’s clinic. You can rest assured that our multi-disciplinary team of physiotherapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists has the experience and expertise to handle the complexities of your condition. This way, you can focus on the most important thing: quick recovery from injuries and a quick return to normal function.

How Do MVA Injury Claims Work?

The insurance system is strict and procedural. There are specific directions to follow and deadlines to adhere to. When you sustain an injury from a motor vehicle accident, there are definitive steps to take in order to be successful in your claim.

Every claim has its own timeline, and a number of situation-specific factors affect each claim. The one thing for certain is that personal injury claims take time, no matter how forthright the facts may be. There are multiple documents and pieces of evidence that must be collected.

Note, however, that insurance claim can wait. Depending on the insurance company you are with, most have up to two years from the time of the accident to file a claim. What is important for us at PhysioCore is for you to recover and receive the appropriate treatment. This is crucial because, in order to have a fair assessment with regard to the compensation that’s appropriate in your circumstances, you must be fully healed from your injuries or at least you are in a position where accident injury therapy is no longer necessary.

In order to ensure that you won’t have issues with your claim, we will inform you about the correct protocols for treatment, and we will provide all the pertinent medical records that may be required by the insurance company.

What to Expect from PhysioCore Treatment

Our approach to motor vehicle accident therapy begins with a comprehensive evaluation to determine all the issues related to the accident and devise a treatment plan to address all of them. We will then make recommendations for the treatment depending on your symptoms. Such recommendations may include the following:

  • Modalities to alleviate pain and promote healing (electrical stimulation, ultrasound, heat/ice, tractionetc.)
  • Massage therapy to facilitate pain control and muscle healing
  • Functional exercises to help restore flexibility and range of motion
  • Acupuncture to address painful muscle trigger points that are fairly common after a MVA
  • Manual therapy to restore normal mobility in the spine and other affected joints
  • Bracing may also be recommended depending on the severity of the injuries. Our staff can fit the appropriate brace and include it in the overall treatment plan.

Every year, thousands of Canadians seek treatment for MVA related injuries. For those who are in Toronto, PhysioCore is one of the most trusted rehab therapy clinics in the GTA. We have gained a sterling reputation for proving outstanding care by being a multi-disciplinary injury rehab center, at the same time providing a unique individualized care program. We take utmost pride on our team, which boasts 40 years of combined experience.

So if you’re seeking Motor Vehicle Accident Therapy in Thornhill, book an appointment to learn more on how we can help and get you on the road to fast recovery.

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