Video Therapy Sessions

Massage Therapy Thornhill

Video therapy sessions are one-on-one video conference calls with one of our therapists (physiotherapist or chiropractor). It involves our therapist speaking to you with video and audio through your hand-held device or computer, at the comfort of your home or workspace. During this time, we have decided to help you in this way as we continue our efforts for physical distancing.

In your video therapy session, you will speak with your therapist about your main pain or injury concern, and our therapist will get details on the history of the problem as well as see and locate exactly where and help assess what the problem can be. The therapist may ask you to demonstrate certain movements, everyday tasks or orthopedic tests that may or may not aggravate you during the session to determine the cause of your injury or pain; much like a face to face session would be at our clinic. Once a diagnosis is determined, our therapist will explain to you the problem and structures involved and how to manage and fix the issue. Recommendations and instructions for specific stretches and exercises may be provided during your video session to help with your injury, and you may be asked temporarily to limit certain tasks or movements that may be making your condition worse. A plan of action or summary will conclude the session.

Don’t forget to ask our therapist questions during the session!

Many of our patients have experienced these video sessions as we remain in physical distancing over the past few weeks. We hope this new service will bring you value during this difficult time as we continue find ourselves in this new normal.

To book a video therapy session or if you have additional questions, please call our office at 905-882-1908 or email at