Whether you are a recreational player or a professional athlete, you’re certainly passionate about your sport. Life simply won’t be the same without it, but there are instances when injuries do occur. It is here where sports injury physiotherapy comes into play and becomes an integral part to a full and speedy recovery.

What is Sports Injury Therapy?

It is a specialized treatment plan that is specifically designed to heal a sport-related injury and restore the optimum level of coordination, strength and mobility required for peak performance. It typically combines a number of physiotherapy techniques, with the primary objective of getting you back in tip-top shape as quickly and safely as possible.

How Does Sports Injury Therapy Help?

There are different types of sports injuries that benefit from physiotherapy – from muscle strains to ligament sprains to dislocations and fractures. This particular treatment regimen works by effectively combining strengthening and flexibility exercises during the course of rehab. Moreover, progressive exercises are integrated into the treatment program to make sure that the injured part returns to a fully functional state.It is all about treating the injury professionally and guiding you every step of the way to achieve complete recovery. In essence, you would be undergoing therapy that is tailored to you, your injury and your specific sport.

Difference Between Sport Injury Rehab and Regular Physiotherapy

Sport injury rehab and physiotherapy share similar goals with regard to your healing and recovery. This applies particularly during the initial stage when the main objective is pain relief and rehabilitation. Our physiotherapist will concentrate on restoring the skills you need to perform daily activities. The treatment protocol can only be deemed successful once you’ve regained this normal function.

The major difference between the two is that sport injury rehabilitation takes an extra step because as an athlete, you require more than just function in everyday life – you need exceptional coordination, mobility, strength and a specific skill set to engage in athletic or recreation competition.

At PhysioCore, our therapists are well aware of the fact that you had a high level of fitness prior to sustaining the injury; hence, we will implement a sport-specific reconditioning program that workouts routine.Our ultimate goal is to help you heal, regain function and ultimately recover advanced athletic skills.

Sport Injury Rehabilitation Stages

Following a definitive diagnosis from your physician, you can start your rehab which involves three main stages. First is the treatment of pain and inflammation. Our therapist may use different modalities and assistive devices may be prescribed to help in stabilizing the injured part and prevent you from using it. The main goal here is to promote healing by reducing pain and swelling.

The second stage includes early therapeutic exercises that will help you regain strength and normal range of motion. The therapist may use utilize manual or body weight resistance to assist your movement. Specific trigger points may also be targeted through myofascial release or sport injury massage therapy in order to restore joint mobility.

The third and final stage is sports rehabilitation which aims to help you recover your athletic skills by utilizing various treatment techniques that focus on balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. Sport-specific exercises and muscle reconditioning will be implemented so the injured part can re-learn how to move the way it used to. You will also be taught new techniques for protecting muscles and joints that are susceptible to injuries.

Common Injuries Treated at a Sport Injury Clinic

By far the most common sports injuries are ankle sprain, epicondylitis, groin pull, hamstring strain, ACL tear, patellofemoral syndrome and shin splints. Others include bursitis, neck pain or strain, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder injuries, and low back pain. Note that some of these injuries depend on what you play and therefore more common in your specific type of sport.

How Long Will It Take to Recover from a Sport Injury?

The truth is that there is no specific time frame because the recovery period will vary depending on the injured part, the severity of the injury, and your sport level. It will also depend on how strictly you adhere to your rehabilitation plan. Bear in mind that trying to intensify training or returning too early to play can be detrimental and will most likely prolong your recovery time. Our therapists will work closely with you, and set realistic objectives and ultimately achieve the desired results.

Our therapists (chiropractor and physiotherapist) are well versed in assessing and treating your injuries and working with you to come up with a specific plan to reach your goals.